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Product Description

Duo Spa S240

Price: From £4999


  1. Compact Design: The DuoSpa is designed to be compact, making it suitable for smaller outdoor spaces. Its smooth finish and flowing lines enhance its aesthetic appeal, ensuring it complements your surroundings.
  2. Full-Depth Reclining Positions: This spa includes two full-depth reclining positions, allowing you to relax comfortably while enjoying its features.
  3. Hydrotherapy System: The spa features a world-class hydrotherapy system. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water and jets to provide therapeutic benefits, such as relaxation and pain relief.
  4. Uniform Water Distribution: The distribution system in the spa ensures that water is delivered to each jet at uniform pressures. This feature contributes to a consistent and enjoyable massage experience.
  5. Adjustable Therapeutic Massage Jets: The spa is equipped with a variety of massage jets that can be adjusted to target different areas of your body. These jets are strategically positioned to provide various massage effects.
  6. Different Massage Zones: The spa offers different massage zones, including combinations for the neck and shoulders, lower, middle, and upper back, as well as leg and foot massage. This allows you to customize your massage experience according to your preferences and needs.
  7. Optional Turbo Air Injection System: For an even more invigorating massage experience, the DuoSpa offers an optional turbo air injection system. This system adds millions of tiny air bubbles into the water around your body, legs, and even under your feet, enhancing the overall massage effect.


What do you get with the Duospa S240 as standard?

  • Size: 1820 x 1210 x 700mm deep
  • Water capacity: 500-550 Litres
  • Electrical supply 240V 13 amp 'plug & play' or alternative 240V 16 amp hard wired
  • Pump 2HP 2 speed pump (2 pumps in 1)
  • Air blower spa system 900W Single-speed air injection blower Spa System
  • Ozone sanitation
  • Heating 2kW In-Line heater with automatic on-demand heat
  • Filtration Auto cleanse smart filtration
  • 12 colour fading light with illuminated controls
  • Digital lockable touch pad 
  • Intelligent PowerSmart spa control
  • Jets 24 x luxury hydro jet package including:
    • 12 x multipoint air injector jets
    • 4 x 3" adjustable rotational pulse jets
    • 8 x 3" directional pulse jets
  • 'Silent' air control system
    Adjusts air stream in hydro jets, increasing massage intensity
  • Unique ROTO-THERM spa insulation throughout entire cabinet, spa base and rear of spa shell
  • Thermal full foam lockable hard cover

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