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How long does my hire last?

Our minimum l hire periods are 5 day hires with 3 days of use. We normally deliver Thursday and collect Monday, the tubs take up to 24 hours to heat so this gives you Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the tub.

There is also a 7 day option that gives you 5 days of use.

Other hire lengths may be available.

What is the delivery and collection procedure?

You will receive your delivery slot the day before delivery. , All slots are organised to make our routes efficient as possible,

We cannot give preferred slots especially during the summer months.

For collection we simply need access to power so we can pump the water out.

Delivery and collection takes between 25 and 60 minutes depending on the package ordered and available access

What do I need to hire a hot tub?....

Inflatable tub requirements.

Our high quality inflatable tubs are perfect for properties that have restricted access, All we need is a flat level area of at least 2.5 by 2.5 mtrs, We need a fixed power supply (not an extension lead within 15 mtrs of the tub. This can be internal or external and be either a 13amp or 16amp socket. We also need a tap within 20 mtrs of the tub, this can be external or an internal tap (we will need a picture of the internal taps to ensure we have the correct adapter).

Solid tub requirements

Solid tubs have the same requirements as the inflatable tubs but require better access. They are delivered on a trailer and rolled into position on its side. We need a minimum of 85 cm clear width, and clearance front and above of at least 2.5 mtrs. If we need to turn corners we will need more width and length to manoeuvre the tub. We will require a short video (not photographs) outlining the route that we will roll the tub for our risk assessment. We won't lift the solid tubs over obstacles such as fences, walls hedges etc.


Our gazebos are all 3x3mtr, we need 3.5x3.5 mtrs of floor space and clear space a above of 3 mtrs minimum. We don't supply sides with any of our packages.

We require a space to park a medium size van (and trailer for solid tubs) for the duration of the delivery or collection

How does it work?

One of our installation team will arrive at your property within your allocated time slot. We'll set the tub up in the best location, it may not always the the location of your choice but will be the safest location for both you and our installation team. Whilst we are setting up you'll receive links to the instructional videos that cover everything you need to know and do for the duration of the hire. All you need to do is finish filling the tub and follow the step by step video guide.

What do I get with my hire?

For every tub that you hire you will get the following. Full chemical pack Filters Printed Information pack Instructional videos specific to the tub you have hired. Our installation team will also go through the functions of your tub. If you are unsure at any time there is a contact number with help available round the clock

How clean are the tubs.

All our tubs are returned to our unit and cleaned thoroughly after each hire. Our solid tubs are also flushed with a dedicated system flush after each hire, Bishta requirements are every 3 hires so you can see we go beyond the standard guidelines to give you the safest possible hire experience

How safe is the equipment.

All our tubs and all electrical equipment is inspected and tested regularly by our in house electrician. All of the mains powered equipment will have an rcd /residual current device (trip switch) at the point of power supply, this ensures that all of the power cables as well as the equipment are rcd protected.

What happens on collection?

On collection our team will turn up and empty the tub by pump and take away the equipment. You don't need to be there for collection but we will need access to power so we can pump the water out.

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